Monday, March 14, 2011

Japan Disaster

There are probably lots of articles that will be or have been written about the recent Japan earthquake and tsunami.  This is my heartfelt condolences to the many victims of this disaster.  I feel deeply moved by this event and saddened by the many people who have become displaced and the many families who have lost many possesions and loved one in the earthquake and the following tsunami.  It must have been a ferociously scary event to the people who went through this in Japan and to the many people on this side of the world who have loved ones still in Japan in the disaster area. 

My mother is from Japan but from southern Japan, Nagasaki.  When the earthquake happened, my mother called her sister's family who still live in Nagasaki to find out if they are ok.  The tidal wave didn't do too much damage to their area and her family was alright.  My mother was relieved that all was ok down there. 

When events like this occur, it is a good thing to know that the other countries are ready to step in and help the ailing country with aid and man power to back up the relief workers in the disaster laden country.  All of our hearts go out to the families left after the tsunami and I hope they will recover fast and soon. 

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